Sunday Star Worlds

The World Unfolds!
Our first session ever!

The time period has been decided as taking place from the end of the Empire to the rise of the First Order. The players are on the planet of Kulaeus, and the story begins in the grand city of Serata. A planet fill with dead plant life, these players take home to this inhabited planet. A city full of smugglers, outlanders, scoundrels, and soldiers, the city of Serata is filled with all kinds of civillians who roam the dark streets.

However, our group come from all different aspects of civilian; Bane Vangaurd was an Empire smuggler who has been dealing with weapon trades in the outer banks of Serata, spending most of his time out by the docks; Model HK-55 is an old and outdated Empirical droid that has been sent to Serata as salvage, after being found as dysfunctional and useless; Hugo, or nickname Trust, has been a civilian smuggler who has dealt with Bane Vangaurd before, but never really paid much mind to. With no relation to the Empire, Hugo has been distributing weapons to Bane for quite some time now. Jose, the most native of Serata there is, has been hiding from the Empire, because he has been stealing weapons and turning them over to the rebels. Bane Vangaurd has spent much time paying no mind to him, because it is time for Bane to leave the planet of Serata, as he has been lacking at his job and the Empire has begun to come to Kulaeus and take over. Bane has organized his group to find a way of the planet before one months time, and find a way to flee from the Empire.

It is now time to take action, and the group needs credits to buy a ship of this planet. With no time to waste, they go to the local bar, and speak to a Rodian crime organizer. He gives them the task to commit arson on his bar, so that the insurance agency will pay him out. The group accepts, as they will be given a reward of 5,000 credits.

The night is old, and the group begins to infiltrate the bar. With intents to move in and light fire to it all, there seems to be trouble, as they trip the security triggers, and flee the seen. Bane Vangaurd was horribly injured, but he was able to leave the seen after the rescue from Model HK-55.

The next day, Jose and Hugo are found sleeping under the Valena bridge, and they take a late awake. But as forBane and HK-55, they see that the bar was successfully burned down, and they do not know who or how it was done.

They go to meet with the Rodium crime organizer, and it seems as if they have been accredited with the arson. A storm trooper takes notice of HK-55, and claims that the droid is Empire property, a feud is sprung in the bar, and Bane manages to steal a car, and flee the situation. After almost killing Hugo’s servant, the two become criminals of Serata, and it seems that there one-month span of fleeing has depleted. Now there is no time to waste as they need a ship, and fast!

Hugo has contacted the authorities about leading to the arrest of the group. Bane agrees to meet up with them, as Hugo has agreed to have a ship for them to get off the planet. It is only time before the group meets up again, but will Hugo set up his comrades, or will he help them get off the planet?



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